Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

An Evolved Front Yard

An Evolved Front Yard

“Eve, thank you for all of your help.  I was thinking about our first conversation when I said that I didn’t think I could follow through without help and you said that you would help me along the way.  You have!  Thank you – I really appreciate everything your have done.  I am really happy with the results.  The humming birds are happy too.  The plants are all in, and I continue to get compliments.”
~ Jo Arroyo, Oroville, California


Texture and Color!

“Words cannot express how pleased I am with the outcome of your plan for my front yard.  You have combined the native plants requiring no water with some of my favorite shrubs which need some water in a most successful way.  My friends and neighbors have been very interested in the ongoing project and most effusive in their compliments of the end result.  Many thanks!” ~Nancy Crowe, Oroville, California

“Eve is one of the best professionals I have worked with. This project entailed a complete redesign of almost one acre of neglected and very very old landscaping, including hardscape, irrigation, landscape, lighting, and water features. The home is a restored mid-century modern and truly the landscape that Eve worked with us to develop is in beautiful harmony with the home and the over-all environment. I found Eve to be very patient, thoughtful, creative, and knowledgeable. She listens to a persons desires for the landscaping, takes into account lifestyle and personal style, and is willing to work along any type of timeline that is needed to develop the creative and underlying foundation. Additionally Eve was able to work very harmoniously with the installer and his crew with whom we have a long-term relationship. At the end of the day it was an extremely gratifying and pleasurable project to be involved with, for all involved. I am willing to provide more details if requested. Thank you Eve – we are very, very happy customers.”  ~Genevieve Smith, Chico, CA 


A mid-century style arbor defines the entry walk

“Eve was the best. Her landscape design for our front yard was exactly what I wanted. She is great in the design of drought-tolerant landscapes, making imaginative use of native California plants. She also oversaw the project and was very exacting with the contractors to ensure that the design came true!”  ~Sally Loker, Chico, CA


“We had a wonderful experience

sustainable garden by eve's garden design

Newly installed drought tolerant plants

working with Eve. At our first meeting, we did not have a specific vision for our front yard. We are first time homeowners, and we had little knowledge of landscaping and which types of plants to use in our climate. Throughout the process, Eve helped us choose drought tolerant plants that match our aesthetic, and she created a front yard plan that suits our taste and our home. We really love the artistic design, the color palette, cohesive elements to tie the yard in with our surrounding environment. Eve also gave us useful advice for setting up our drip system, planting, and sheet mulching, as we were on a budget and doing the labor ourselves. We are excited to watch everything grow!” ~Alexander Erwin, Chico, CA

pollinators need water

A bird bath for thirsty birds and butterflies

“Eve has a really great design sense, and is just fabulous to work with; I felt completely comfortable working with her. I would highly recommend her if you are thinking about changing or modifying your landscaping, or if you are starting out with a completely new landscape project. She is highly knowledgeable about native plants, and sustainable gardening practices and has lots of helpful insights in landscape planning. The project was done in stages to best ensure that the plants, contractor, and other related work for my project meshed well together. The end results are beautifully landscaped front and back yards that are sustainable, attractive, and well integrated with my house.”  ~Georgia Fox, Chico, CA



A Front Yard Rich in Natives

“I’ve been working with Eve Werner for some time on several landscaping projects and outdoor features at my house. I have noted Eve to be thoughtful, a good listener and gentle coach.  Her mastery of horticulture in addition to design is impressive. Her artistic renderings are beautiful, concise and easy to understand. Her plans are complete and professionally rendered, easily followed by any contractor. She is creative yet practical and I’ve found our collaboration to be a real pleasure.”  ~Mark G. Womack, DDS, Chico, CA

“Eve’s Garden design provided the most amazing design for my front yard. I now have a delightful planting of perennials in a range of blues, yellows, reds that attract humming birds and a variety of pollinators. I also have a section planted with native plants that won’t need watering once established.  Eve came to my home and listened to my thoughts on color and what I wanted. She proceeded to take measurements and photographs. A short time later I was presented with a detailed drawing/layout of where each plant was to go as well as a detailed planting list for what I would need to acquire and the type of watering they would need. When I was ready to plant, Eve made arrangements to deliver and place the plants. She even assisted in finding someone to help with the planting.
Eve’s Garden Design is a full service, experienced professional service. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you need someone with an artistic eye for design as well as incredible knowledge of plants and watering, you need to call Eve.”
~Tiffany Wilhelm, Chico, CA

“I knew I wanted a native plant garden in front of my house, but I didn’t know how to make it happen. Fortunately, a friend recommended Eve Werner. From our first meeting, I knew I was in good hands. She helped me turn my half-formed ideas into a workable plan, and she helped oversee their implementation each step of the way.  The garden is in its early stages, but I can see that it is full of promise and will provide ongoing beauty for years to come. Not only is Eve knowledgable about native plants, but she is an artist, which became even more evident when we were placing the small boulders. She saw the shapes of each one in relation to the others, and placed them so that when I look out my front windows, they help tie everything together. The entire process was accomplished in a professional and timely manner. I highly recommend Eve Werner.” ~Letha Albright, Chico, CA

Terra cotta pots overflowing with plants selected for foliage color and texture.

“Eve Werner is a dear friend whom I have known for a long time.   I think of her as a Renaissance woman because she can do just about anything!  She’s a terrific landscape architect with extensive experience; she’s also an accomplished painter (her work can be found in Northern California galleries), a writer (check out her Blog), and a designer (in addition to gardens, she designs furniture and has remodeled several houses).  My husband and I, on the other hand, are not artistic, handy around the house or good with plants, so we consulted Eve when we picked out a color palette to paint our house, when we picked out a new couch, when we wanted to update our bathroom, when we picked out a new rug, and when we wanted to redo our weedy, postage-stamp yard so that it would be low maintenance and attractive (we love our new garden and have received many compliments on it).  Eve also designed our new kitchen.   I continue to be amazed by her extensive knowledge base.  So, in short, she is a landscape architect and much more!  As for the old adage, never hire a friend, all I have to say is I hired a friend and have a beautiful house inside and out to show for it.  Hire Eve and I guarantee you’ll be pleased.”
~Karen Boylan, San Francisco, California

“I originally hired Eve’s Garden Design because I wanted a Master Plan for my backyard that I could submit to contractors for estimates.  I already had my own design plan drawn up and I was committed to it.  Eve, while being respectful of my ideas, suggested some changes and ideas that I immediately saw improved my design to a great degree.  A plan that complimented the style of the house. In the end I had a landscape design that was much more elegant and workable.  During the construction process Eve was always available for consultation . She suggested contractors I could ask for estimates and she met with the contractors I selected to answer any questions they might have. She was always pleasant and professional.  The end result is a garden design that I will enjoy for many years to come.  And I look forward to working with Eve to further refine and enhance my backyard.”  ~Anne Sorrells, Chico, CA

“Last summer, my wife and I knew the time had come to deal with our landscaping which had gradually deteriorated and used way too much water.  We quickly rejected the notion of planning the new landscaping ourselves and chose Eve’s Garden Design because we liked her website and her letters of recommendation. It proved to be a fortunate choice and Eve has shown to be professional in every way.  She truly listened to our wish for a water efficient landscaping with a majority of native plants and provided a plan that met our criteria.  Eve has the ability to listen to your wishes and use her professional knowledge to clarify your not always clear thoughts.  She showed extreme care in every aspect of the design, from plotting out the house and environs (no easy task) to choosing plants for specific parts of the landscape using her vast knowledge of plants and local resources to do so.  We are thrilled with the result and are looking forward to our landscape maturing and filling in as well as our lower water bill.”  ~Duncan Burbridge, Chico, CA

“Eve came to our home to help us completely change both the front and back yards.  We wanted to replace our grass and dying trees with drought tolerant plants and trees.  We wanted to add a patio burfeind 1to the front yard and in the back yard a new patio area and 5 large raised beds for gardening.  Eve made a beautiful design, helped us interview prospective contractors, and consulted with the hired contractor as the job unfolded during the spring.  We were very busy during this period, as my husband and I are both teachers, and Eve was totally patient with our packed schedule, working with us on the weekend when necessary.  We are about half way through bringing Eve’s design to reality and it is very beautiful so far.  We are looking forward to completing the project this fall.”  ~D. Burfeind, Chico, CA

seating area shaded with a custom pergola

A custom pergola shades an intimate seating area

“Eve is a very creative designer and works hard to match the design space to the owner’s unique needs. I hired her to plan changes to a backyard I’d owned and enjoyed for nearly 20 years. Landscape redesigns are very personal to the owner. Eve listened well, was very easy to work with, produced alternative designs, and gave me lots of choices. Once the landscape work began, she worked closely with the contractor to execute the design plan, and she supervised the entire job to insure quality. If you’re looking for an excellent landscape designer, I enthusiastically recommend Eve Werner.”  ~ Matt Joseph, San Mateo, California.

“My husband and I hired Eve Werner to do a landscape master plan for our one acre property.  We have many different areas in our acre and many different ideas about how we want things to look.  Eve suggested that we look through magazines and cut out things we liked.  We gave her a plethora of pictures and talked for a long time about our visions.  One of the things we most definitely wanted was a native, drought tolerant landscape.  At the same time, we have a pool and we needed to include a granite pillar bubbling fountain, so it is not all ecologically sound.  And, strangely, my husband and I do not always have the same taste.  Eve took all of these disparate elements and drew up a plan that is absolutely perfect for our needs and wants.  Included in the plan are different outdoor ‘rooms’ which allow us to have a variety of styles for our landscaping, while still having an overall consistent theme.  We are currently phasing in construction of the plan, and it looks wonderful.  What was most impressive about Eve was her ability to envision a plan that would please us both and would contain all of our landscape dreams.  She was patient, thorough, and always kept her sense of humor.  In addition, her knowledge of plants and their irrigation and light needs is very impressive.  I highly recommend Eve Werner as a garden designer.”  ~ Julie Mixson, Orangevale, California.

A handmade iron gate creates an inviting entry into this pergola-shaded courtyard.

“We hired Eve Werner to redesign our existing backyard.  We had a number of issues to address including drainage and slope problems, lack of cohesion between the house and the yard, and a swimming pool that was located too close to the house  (with toddlers roaming about!).  Eve listened carefully to our concerns and wishes and offered creative solutions that exceeded our visions with artistic touches.  Our backyard is now elegant and highly functional; it augments our lifestyle and our home.  We highly recommend Eve Werner as a landscape architect who excels at aesthetically and technically complex projects.”  ~ Lynne Esselstein, Hillsborough, California.