Landscape Architecture Services

Landscape Architecture Services Overview

My design approach is artistic, intuitive, and practical. I listen for what compels my clients then draw from my professional experience to realize their vision in a manner that reflects our dry summer climate. I offer full service residential and commercial landscape architecture and garden design:

  • Conceptual Drawings of your garden designConceptual design
  • Master planning
  • Construction documentation: full plan sets suitable for competitive bidding including planting plans, irrigation plans, site plans, grading/drainage plans, specifications, and construction details
  • Informal/simplified plans for those who will do construction themselves or who have already selected an installer/contractor.
  • Low Impact Development design
  • Shade structures, gates, fountains, boulder placement, paving, and children’s play areas
  • Repurposing and recycling existing on-site materials and found objects
  • Environmental art
  • Thematic gardens: sensory gardens, children’s gardens, meditation gardens, butterfly/bird gardens, color gardens and more
  • Drainage and slope issues
  • Construction observation

Landscape Master Planning:

Our most popular service is the Master Plan.  This is a multi-stepped process that will take your project from rough ideas to a cohesive design.  Scope of work usually includes an initial on-site meeting to discuss your goals and objectives for your yard; base mapping; a 2 to 4 hour conceptual design meeting where we work together to make a preliminary design showing the rough size, shape, and location of the features that you want in your yard; design development where we further define the style of your garden, make sketches to clarify the look of built items, select appropriate materials, and develop a preliminary plants list; and the final master plan which is hand drawn to scale and includes:

  • The location, shape, size, and materials of new features and existing features to remain.
  • Dimensioning for horizontal layout of new hardscape features.
  • Grading and drainage indicated conceptually with arrows and relative contours lines to show the design intent; spot elevations will not be shown.
  • Materials specifications and construction notes.
  • Design development sketches.
  • If requested, a planting plan showing the location of all individual new and existing plants to remain and keyed to a plant list which includes installation and maintenance notes for all plants.

Front Yard Evolution Package:

Sample Front Yard Evolution Plan

Ready to transform your front lawn into a sustainable garden that reflects your personality, but not sure how to begin?  The Front Yard Evolution Package gives you the information and support you need for a simple lawn conversion:

  • Two hour landscape design consultation to discuss your garden dreams, brainstorm, and sketch ideas that I will refine into your Front Yard Evolution Plan.
  • Front Yard Evolution Plan showing the location of new features including paths, fencing, boulders, art, and plants with the botanical and common name of each plant.  All plants are selected from my Evolutionary Heroes list of plants indigenous to California or highly compatible with our climate and edible perennials.  Your Front Yard Evolution Plan will be hand drawn to scale.
  • Maintenance instructions for all new plants.
  • Step by step instructions for removing your lawn using Solarizing and Sheet Mulching, two simple, economical ways to kill existing lawns without chemicals.
  • Irrigation diagram showing the location and irrigation method of each hydrozone.

    A Front Yard Evolution Garden

  • Join a growing community of Front Yard Evolutionaries who are transforming their front yards into beautiful, lively, edible and native gardens.
  • Price is $1200 for most front yards if you supply a base drawing of your front yard that is drawn to scale and shows the house, driveway, street/sidewalk, existing trees, and any other structures.  Price is $1300 if we do the base drawing.  Front yards of lots larger than ¼ acre will cost more.  For back yards, please contact us for pricing.


Looking for ideas for creating inviting, eco-minded, artsy gardens?  Consulting services are available on an hourly basis.

2 thoughts on “Landscape Architecture Services

  1. Anthony Torreano

    My Wife and I are retired and living in Oroville, Ca where we built our home in 2009. We have about 1.8 acres and planned on a traditional landscaping plan with grass, etc. The property has a lot of existing oaks and has a lot of character to design around. I had planned on installing a sprinkler system with the idea of putting in enough to cover all options but that does not seen wise. We would like a landscaping design that can be primarily installed DIY over the next few years for budget reasons. If we have a master plan we can work at it as finances come available but also in a logical manner. Water considerations are paramount. Would it be possible to meet and get an idea of the cost of the design phase. We could bring prints and photos or meet here. Thank you for your consideration.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Anthony-
      Thank you for contacting me. The cost for a master plan varies quite a bit depending on the complexity. My process is to start with an initial meeting on site to determine your goals and objectives. This usually takes an hour or two and is free. After this, I write a proposal detailing the proposed scope of work and fees.
      I am currently booking new client in late July. If you would like to schedule an initial appointment, please email me at Thank you!


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